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You attend the live seminar by Zoom. 

A link is emailed to you immediately upon signing up and paying for the course.


Where is the Zoom Link to the Live Seminar?

  • Once you signed up and paid for the course, you received an immediate email with a Zoom link to the seminar.

  • Also, in that same email, you received a link to a private webpage with the course materials.  30 minutes before the seminar is to begin, the link will again be provided on that webpage.

  • The email you used to sign up for the course, will be the email these links were sent to.

  • If you used your PayPal account to pay for the course, the aforementioned email with the links may have been sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account.

  • If you still cannot locate this email, the private webpage provided or the Zoom link, contact us no later than 30 minutes before the seminar is to begin.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US

Technology Requirement

  • Any electronic device that allows you access and ability to watch a live Zoom broadcast.

  • Zoom has a free version.

  • To set up your Zoom account, CLICK HERE.  

  • To be re-directed to the Zoom website for more information, CLICK HERE

Do You Need a Zoom Account?  It's Free & Easy to Set Up.

  • CLICK HERE to be redirected to Zoom to setup your free account. 

  • An account can be created within minutes. 

  • It's easy, quick and requires no credit card.  

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