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If you attended the 9/2/22 Seminar, and want to specifically re-watch that seminar, please find below the link to that seminar video, the related PowerPoint and the Q&A video after that seminar.


The content of this seminar is the same as the seminar presented on other dates. 

However, in the most recent seminar on the main page 2 sections were added. 1) Governmental Closures 2) ERC Myths. To watch those sections specifically, you will see in the body of the video on the main page the "time increments" to jump to those sections, which I also marked as NEW.


is at the 2 hour 1 minute mark of the seminar video below

On the video picture below CLICK "Watch on YouTube"

When video plays on YouTube, under the video select "See More"

to then see the "Time Increments" of each major subject

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