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JJ THE CPA CPE Administrative Policies

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policies


CPE Record Retention

JJ THE CPA will retain the required materials for a minimum of five (5) years as specified by the current Statement of Standards of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs. Responsibility for ensuring the compliance with the record retention provisions will reside JJ THE CPA and JJ THE CPA will collect all relevant program materials and transmit them to headquarters for electronic archiving for the appropriate period. To fulfill this requirement items to be retained include (but not limited to):

  • Records of participation

  • Date and location of the program offerings

  • Author/instructor, author/developer and reviewer names and credentials

  • Instructor(s) name(s) and credentials

  • Number of CPE credits earned by participants

  • Results of program evaluations

  • Program descriptive materials (course announcement information)

In addition, information to be retained by developers includes copies of program materials, evidence that the program materials were developed and reviewed by qualified parties, and a record of how CPE credits were determined.  For the CPA and/or tax attorney acting as an author/instructor, author/developer and reviewer for accounting or tax program(s), the state of licensure, license number and status of license will be maintained. For the enrolled agent acting in such capacity for tax program(s), information regarding the enrolled agent number will be maintained. Policies to be in accordance with CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 24

Refund Policy

There are no refunds to any of the courses because at the time you signed up and paid, you immediately received an email that contained an immediate link to the Zoom seminar as well as a link to a private webpage that contains information you immediately have access to that includes valuable information you are able to immediately use and benefit from; which includes a link to the Zoom seminar, a complete copy of the materials, and a link to watch the seminar video after it is presented live.


At the time you signed up as well as at the time you paid for any course, it was clearly disclosed there are no refunds. 


Policy to be in accordance with CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 12


Program Cancellation

Every effort will be made to fully conduct CPE programs sponsored by JJ THE CPA, that have been advertised. In the unlikely event that such a program needs to be cancelled for any reason, JJ THE CPA will notify all registered participants via email, letter or phone of the cancellation and will issue them a full refund. Additional notices of the program cancellation will be made through appropriate means such as our website, newsletter, or broadcast email.  Policy to be in accordance with CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 12


Complaint Resolution Policy

For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Alona Holmes at 405-715-1556.  This to be in accordance with CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 12


Course Update Policy

All courses will include the most recent publications, revisions or review date. Courses will be revised as soon as feasible following changes to relative codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, etc. Courses in subjects that undergo frequent changes are reviewed by an individual with subject matter expertise at least once a year. Other courses will be reviewed at least every two years. For group internet based programs, the revision or review date will always be the date of the event. Policy to be in accordance with CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 4

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