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You are buying access to re-watch the last live presentation and get the

PowerPoint presented.  No CPE can be earned by re-watching.



This covers both business and individual tax issues to prepare for tax season 2023.  This covers reviewing the tax season "checklist" for businesses and individuals.  Also covers Federal business and individual tax issues with the latest IRS developments affecting businesses, Inflation Reduction Act, what’s new in 2022, maxing out retirement, prior tax laws suspended now in play, properly accounting for QBI activities and related wages, the expanded information required on Schedule K-1, K-2, K-3s from Partnerships and S-Corporations, tax traps with more than one activity with at-risk basis and passive activities, the fine details of qualified improvement property (QIP), real estate depreciation, work opportunity tax credit, S-Corporation compensation issues under the rug, accountable plans, properly accounting for the major stimulus including the retroactive ERTC on Form 941-X, reporting tax credits, Cares act tax credits still available.  Discuss what we need to focus on with individual tax issues, cover the latest IRS developments, self-employed tax credits, what’s new in 2022 compared to 2023, IRS tax pro accounts, recent Tax Court cases on individual tax issues, cancellation of medical debt taxation, new Form 1099-K tax issues, anticipated future IRS enforcement, anticipated IRS audit targeted issues, Form 7203 issues for S-Corp owners, tax basis considerations, controlling excess business losses, strategy for NOLs, and the net investment tax.

Includes:  Full pdf copy of the PowerPoint presented and ability to re-watch the seminar until 6/30/23. 

CPE cannot be earned for re-watching the seminar video. 

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